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Indigenous peoples' nutrition transition in a right to food perspective
In indigenous communities the nutrition transition characterized by a rapid westernization of diet and lifestyle is associated with rising prevalence of chronic disease. Field work and literatureExpand
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Holocene environmental history and climate of Råtåsjøen, a low-alpine lake in south-central Norway
The Holocene environmental history and climate are reconstructed for Råtåsjøen, a low-alpine lake in south-central Norway. The reconstructions are based on chironomids, diatoms, pollen, plantExpand
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Holocene forest development along the Setesdal valley, southern Norway, reconstructed from macrofossil and pollen evidence
The Setesdal valley in South Norway runs north to south for 200 km, from alpine vegetation at 1200 m, passing the tree-line at around 1000 m, through Boreal forests, to Nemoral forest at sea level.Expand
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Human rights: a normative basis for food and nutrition-relevant policies
Abstract This paper explores human rights as a basis for policy formulation and planning of programmes and activities that will enhance food and nutrition security. The right to adequate food and toExpand
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Costs of reproduction in circumpolar Parnassia palustris L. in light of global warming
Life-history theories predict competition and compromises between different reproductive and somatic (e.g., growth) functions in plants. This study concerns the costs of reproduction in an alpineExpand
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Climatically driven pH changes in two Norwegian alpine lakes
Two alpine lakes in the south-central part of Norway have been studied for recent changes in diatom assemblages preserved in their sediments. Both lakes experience a post 1980 AD increase in diatomExpand
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Tillstånd och trender för arter och deras livsmiljöer
2015 ars upplaga av den svenska rodlistan ar den fjarde i ordningen. Den ar baserad pa IUCN:s rodlistningskriterier och revideras vart femte ar. I rodlistan bedoms risken som enskilda arter av djur,Expand
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Variation in pollen limitation among plants and phenotypic selection on floral traits in an early-spring flowering herb
Female reproductive success in animal pollinated plants may be limited by the amount of suitable pollen that reaches stigmas, but little knowledge exists on how the extent of pollen limitation variesExpand
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Towards a definition of the right to food and nutrition: reflections on General Comment No. 12.
This article presents reflections of Wenche Barthe Eide and Uwe Kracht of the Administrative Committee on Coordination/Sub-Committee on Nutrition Working Group on Nutrition, Ethics and Human RightsExpand
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Food and Human Rights in Development - Volume II: Evolving Issues and Emerging Application
The right to adequate food and to be free from hunger is a fundamental human right whose realisation is within the reach of the present generation, provided there is commitment to meetingExpand
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