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Terrestrial polarization imagery obtained from the Space Shuttle: characterization and interpretation.
An experiment to measure the polarization of land, sea, haze, and cloud areas from space was carried aboard the Space Shuttle in Sept. 1985. Digitized polarimetric and photometric imagery in mutuallyExpand
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The rings of saturn: A frost-coated semiconductor?
Abstract Optical complex indices of refraction for the iron-sulfur semiconductors troilite and pyrrhotite have been measured between 0.3 and 1.1 μm, and at 1.5 and 3.0 cm in the microwave region. TheExpand
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Complex index of refraction of bulk solid carbon dioxide.
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Optical depolarization properties of surfaces illuminated by coherent light.
An experimental investigation of the depolarization characteristics of complex surfaces illuminated by 6328-A laser radiation was made on a large scale polarimeter. Measurements were made onExpand
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Coherence-polarization phenomena in remote sensing
The importance of polarization phenomena in remote sensing by electromagnetic means is discussed briefly. With active sensor systems using microwave or laser sources the radiation is very likely toExpand
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Finite-wavelength effects in composite media
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Retroreflectance measurements of photometric standards and coatings.
Using a technique that we have developed, the opposition effect (brightening in the retroreflection direction) has been measured for MgCO(3), BaSO(4) paint, and sulfur in the visual region withExpand
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Optical enhancement of aircraft detection using polarization
Focal plane wideband infrared digital polarization imagery will be compared with visual wideband focal plane digital imagery of a camouflaged C-130 aircraft to show the extreme enhancement possibleExpand
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Optical stokes parameters for farm cropidentification
Summary The use of bidirectional polarization and photometry implies the efficient use of all the optical information available in the scattered radiation. This information is represented as StokesExpand
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