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cis and trans Forms of a binuclear subphthalocyanine.
MCD spectroscopy and TD-DFT calculations of low symmetry subnaphthalocyanine analogs.
The results demonstrate that trends observed in the properties of phthalocyanine analogs can be used to fine tune the optical properties so that the Q(0,0) bands lie in the red region, in a manner that does not significantly destabilize the highest occupied molecular orbital (HOMO) energy relative to that of the parent subphthalcyanine ligand. Expand
Chloro and hydroxo forms of a boron(III) subtriazaporphyrin macrocycle.
Electronic absorption and magnetic circular dichroism spectra of the hydroxo monomer species were interpreted using time-dependent density functional theory calculations. Expand
Synthesis and characterization of lithium hemiporphyrazines.
The first lithium complexes of three hemiporphyrazine variants: the common bis-pyridine ring, the bis-benzene macrocycle, and the monobenzene variant are prepared, characterized by (7)Li solid state NMR and by cyclic voltammetry. Expand
Co(II) and Co(III) complexes of m-benziphthalocyanine.
The syntheses and structural elucidations of three different cobalt complexes of m-benziphthalocyanine are reported; both Co(II) and Co(III) complexes can be generated, and the ring undergoes partialExpand
Hydroxybenziphthalocyanines: non-aromatic phthalocyanine analogues that exhibit strong UV-visible absorptions
The hemiporphyrazine variants hydroxybenziphthalocyanine and dihydroxybenziphthalocyanine can be generated via sequential Schiff base condensation reactions by using bis(diiminoisoindoline) benzeneExpand
The synthesis and structure of mixed complexes
Abstract The template cyclization of tetrafluorophthalonitrile (A) and 2,3-naphthalenedicarbonitrile (B) with BCl 3 produces two mixed subphthalocyanine subnaphthalocynine complexes of the form A 2 BExpand
An optically-active subphthalocyanine dimer.
A subphthalocyanine (SubPc) dimer linked by racemic 1,1'-binaphth-2,2'-dioxy (BINOL), 1, has been synthesized and characterized by 1- and 2-D 1H NMR, high resolution mass spectrometry (FAB), X-rayExpand