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The integration of agency and communion in moral personality: Evidence of enlightened self-interest.
Agency and communion are fundamental human motives, often conceptualized as being in tension. This study examines the notion that moral exemplars overcome this tension and adaptively integrate theseExpand
Contextualized Personality, beyond Traits
Personality psychologists have become increasingly interested in how personality varies across social roles. Within this ‘contextualized’ approach, researchers almost invariably focus on assessingExpand
Sobering stories: narratives of self-redemption predict behavioral change and improved health among recovering alcoholics.
The present research examined whether the production of a narrative containing self-redemption (wherein the narrator describes a positive personality change following a negative experience) predictsExpand
Malleability of implicit associations across development.
The prevalence of implicit intergroup bias in adults underscores the importance of knowing when during development such biases are most amenable to change. Although research suggests that implicitExpand
Research Methods for Studying Narrative Identity
This article provides a primer for researchers seeking an introduction to quantitative narrative research methods. It represents a consensus document of most common practices used by the coauthors.Expand
Group-Based Physical Activity for Older Adults (GOAL) Randomized Controlled Trial: Exercise Adherence Outcomes
Background: Despite the health benefits of regular physical activity, across the globe older adults represent the least active section of society. Purpose: The GrOup-based physical Activity for oLderExpand
Varieties of moral personality: beyond the banality of heroism.
Four perspectives dominate thinking about moral heroism: One contends that moral action is primarily instigated by situational pressures, another holds that moral excellence entails the fullExpand
Birds of a feather stay active together: a case study of an all-male older adult exercise program.
In this article, the authors report the results of a case study examining a group-based exercise program for older adult men. The purpose of the investigation was to identify the elements of thisExpand
Examining the influence of other-efficacy and self-efficacy on personal performance.
This research examined the relative effects of other-efficacy and self-efficacy beliefs in relation to individual performance within a cooperative dyadic setting. Pairs of female participants (M(age)Expand