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The Language of Medical Case Histories
  • W. Donnelly
  • Medicine
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • 1 December 1997
As the official, permanent account of professional medical care, the medical record not only shapes the style and focus of its various progeny but also determines what students take seriously in an antecedent activity, themedical interview. Expand
Casein compositional studies. III. Changes in Irish milk for manufacturing and role of milk proteinase
It was concluded that casein compositional changes in late lactation were largely the result of proteolysis of individual caseins by plasmin-like milk proteinase. Expand
Composition and size distribution of bovine casein micelles.
It was concluded that the data indicated the same fundamental structure for casein micelles, with a predominant surface location for kappa-casein, whether the micells are natural or artificial and whether they are aggregated by Ca2+ alone or byCa2+ together with calcium phosphate-citrate complex. Expand
Why SOAP is bad for the medical record.
SOAP, of course, is the acronym derived from the POMR's recipe for an initial note or a progress note about a problem: (1) subjective, (2) objective, (3) assessment, and (4) plans. Expand
Vascular Hamartomas in the Gingiva of Two Calves
"Hairy" cells in blood in lymphoreticular neoplastic disease and "flagellated" cells of normal lymph nodes.
During examinations of viable leukocytes from many leukemic and nonleukemic patients, peculiar cells called "hairy" cells were seen in the blood from 2 patients, considered to be identical to the neoplastic lymphoid reticulum cells of Mitus et al. Expand
Genetic polymorphism of bovine chymosin.
Burr cells, hemolytic anemia and cirrhosis.
A prolonged hemolytic disorder characterized by sustained burr poikilocytosis, reticulocytotic, thrombocytopenia and high serum levels of unconjugated bilirubin and an additional factor acting in vivo is posulated to be necessary for the formation of burr cells. Expand