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Biological functions of haptoglobin--new pieces to an old puzzle.
  • W. Dobryszycka
  • Medicine, Biology
  • European journal of clinical chemistry and…
  • 1 September 1997
Haptoglobin, an "acute phase" protein, has different functions, which display genetic polymorphism. The complex of haptoglobin with haemoglobin is metabolized in the heptic reticuloendothelialExpand
Enzyme immunoassay to measure low levels of haptoglobin in biological fluids.
A novel immunoenzymatic assay is described for the quantitation of human haptoglobin (Hp). Two binding sites on the Hp molecule, namely for hemoglobin (Hb) and for the specific antibody, are involvedExpand
Monoclonal antibodies against human haptoglobin.
Three monoclonal antibodies:,, and 18.4.40. 80 to human haptoglobin 2-1 were produced, purified and characterized. The affinity constants ranged within 0.3-2.4 x 10(8) M-1. TheExpand
Cathepsins B1 from human fetal membranes.
Cathepsins B1 (EC were isolated from fetal membranes of human placenta, i.e. amnion and chorion-decidua. Purification of the enzymes was achieved by the freezing-thawing technique, ammoniumExpand
Effects of lead, copper, and zinc on the rat's lactate dehydrogenase in vivo and in vitro
Following subacute intoxication of rats with Pb-, Cu-, and Zn-salts (separately or in mixture) for 5 weeks, the chelating agent D-penicillamine was administered for 3 weeks. In the course of theExpand
Haptoglobin types in ovarian tumors.
Haptoglobin types were determined in 132 patients with cancer of ovaries and 114 patients with nonmalignant tumors of the ovaries, respectively. In comparison with a normal population significantExpand
New method for quantitative determination of serum proteins separated by paper electrophoresis
Abstract 1. 1) It has been shown, in the present paper, that the presence of mercuric chloride in paper strips dyed according to Durrum's technique4 makes the quantitative elution of proteinExpand
Metabolic studies on hybrid haptoglobins.
Abstract 1. 1. Hybrid haptoglobin molecules were prepared by combination of porcine-β with human α-subunits and porcine-a with human-β respectively. 2. 2. The hybrids, preparations of native humanExpand