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Response Determinants in Satisfaction Judgments
The effects of five determinants of satisfaction are tested as well as individual differences in satisfaction formation. Manipulations of attribution, expectancy, performance, disconfirmation, andExpand
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An Empirical Pooling Approach for Estimating Marketing Mix Elasticities with PIMS Data
The PIMS Profit Impact of Marketing Strategies data entail sparse time-series observations for a large number of strategic business units SBUs, In order to estimate disaggregate marketing mixExpand
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A maximum likelihood methodology for clusterwise linear regression
This paper presents a conditional mixture, maximum likelihood methodology for performing clusterwise linear regression. This new methodology simultaneously estimates separate regression functions andExpand
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Typologies of Compulsive Buying Behavior: A Constrained Clusterwise Regression Approach
We present a theoretical framework that posits compulsive buying behavior as a function of various psychological processes and personality traits. We analyze data from actual consumers using a newExpand
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A mixture likelihood approach for generalized linear models
A mixture model approach is developed that simultaneously estimates the posterior membership probabilities of observations to a number of unobservable groups or latent classes, and the parameters ofExpand
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Customer Value Analysis in a Heterogeneous Market
In recent years, customer value has become a major focus among strategy researchers and practitioners as an essential element of a firm's competitive strategy. Many firms have been interested inExpand
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Deception by Implication: An Experimental Investigation
A computer-based measurement procedure was developed to assess the deceptive effects of advertising claims. The study investigated various message forms identified in past research as having theExpand
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Market segmentation with choice-based conjoint analysis
Choice-based conjoint analysis has increased in popularity in recent years among marketing practitioners. The typical practice is to estimate choice-based conjoint models at the aggregate level,Expand
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An Integrated Approach toward the Spatial Modeling of Perceived Customer Value
The authors present a new measurement methodology of perceived value, based on latent structure multidimensional scaling, that derives simultaneously the underlying dimensions of the perceived valueExpand
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A simulated annealing methodology for clusterwise linear regression
In many regression applications, users are often faced with difficulties due to nonlinear relationships, heterogeneous subjects, or time series which are best represented by splines. Expand
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