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Derangement of Purkinje Cells in the Rat Cerebellum Following Prenatal Exposure to X‐Irradiation: Decreased Reelin Level Is a Possible Cause
It has been reported that prenatal X-irradiation of rats during the late gestation period causes heterotopic Purkinje cells in the internal granular layer (IGL) of the abnormally foliated cerebellum.Expand
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Hydrocephalus in mice following X-irradiation at early gestational stage: possibly due to persistent deceleration of cell proliferation.
The pathogenesis of X-ray-induced congenital hydrocephalus was studied. Pregnant mice were irradiated at 1.4 Gy on gestational day 7 (G7). Four hours after irradiation, extensive cell death wasExpand
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Expression of Vimentin and GFAP Protein of Cerebral Cortex and Its Impact on Corticogenesis Disorder as a Result of 2-Methoxyethanol
Uno de los materiales a base de plastico, ampliamente utilizado en la industria en varios paises, es un ester de ftalato. Estos compuestos se oxidan en el cuerpo a 2-metoxietanol (2-ME). El efectoExpand
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Congenital hydrocephalus caused by exposure to low level X-radiation at early gestational stage in mice.
Hydrocephalus is a severe and often lethal birth defect in humans resulting from excess accumulation off cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the cranial vault, accompanied by enlargement of the head,Expand
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Disturbed Purkinje cell migration due to reduced expression of Reelin by X-irradiation in developing rat cerebellum.
The major histogenetic events of the rat cerebellum take place in the early postnatal days. During this period, precursors of microneurons, such as granule cells, form the external granular layerExpand
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Dose response relationship of disturbed migration of Purkinje cells in the cerebellum due to X-irradiation.
Pregnant rats were exposed to 2.0, 2.25 or 2.5 Gy X-irradiation on gestation day 21. Pups were sacrificed 12 hr after exposure, and on postnatal day 5 (P5), P7 and P9. Their cerebella were observedExpand
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