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Stable isotopes in precipitation
In chapter 2 the isotopic fractionation of water in some simple condensation-evaporation processes are considered quantitatively on the basis of the fractionation factors given in section 1.2. The
Evidence for general instability of past climate from a 250-kyr ice-core record
RECENT results1,2 from two ice cores drilled in central Greenland have revealed large, abrupt climate changes of at least regional extent during the late stages of the last glaciation, suggesting
Irregular glacial interstadials recorded in a new Greenland ice core
THE Greenland ice sheet offers the most favourable conditions in the Northern Hemisphere for obtaining high-resolution continuous time series of climate-related parameters. Profiles of 18O/<16O ratio
The origin of Arctic precipitation under present and glacial conditions
At low altitude locations, the deuterium excess d = δ D - 8δ 18 O in precipitation generally varies with the season in antiphase with the δ's. In the high-altitude regions of the Greenland ice sheet,
Greenland palaeotemperatures derived from GRIP bore hole temperature and ice core isotope profiles
Modelling the temperature profile along the GRIP deep bore at the summit of the Greenland ice sheet leads to conversion factors that allow interpretation of the dated stable isotope profile as a
The abrupt termination of the Younger Dryas climate event
PREVIOUS studies on two deep Greenland ice cores have shown that a long series of climate oscillations characterized the late Weichselian glaciation in the North Atlantic region1, and that the last
A Flow Model and a Time Scale for the Ice Core from Camp Century, Greenland
A flow model is described for the Camp Century area in Greenland. The horizontal velocity profile along the core is assumed to be uniform from the surface down to y = 400 m above the bottom. Below
The δ18O record along the Greenland Ice Core Project deep ice core and the problem of possible Eemian climatic instability
Over 70,000 samples from the 3029-m-long Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) ice core drilled on the top of the Greenland Ice Sheet (Summit) have been analyzed for δ8O. A highly detailed and continuous
The Little Ice Age as Recorded in the Stratigraphy of the Tropical Quelccaya Ice Cap
The analyses of two ice cores from a southern tropical ice cap provide a record of climatic conditions over 1000 years for a region where other proxy records are nearly absent and confirms the worldwide character of the Little Ice Age.
Validity of the temperature reconstruction from water isotopes
Well-documented present-day distributions of stable water isotopes (HDO and H218O) show the existence, in middle and high latitudes, of a linear relationship between the mean annual isotope content