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The Indigenous Old World Passifloras
A short revision of the indigenous Old World taxa in Passifiora in the form of a key, the enumeration of synonyms, descriptions, and an index accounting for all names proposed for the area. ExaminedExpand
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Conspectus of Trichosanthes (Cucurbitaceae) in Malesia
Trichosanthes (Cucurbitaceae) in Malesia comprises 5 sections with 39 species, here alphabetically arranged. Key to the sections, keys the species within the sections and eight regional keys areExpand
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Notes on Southeast Asian and Malesian Myristica and description of new taxa (Myristicaceae). With keys arranged per geographical area (New Guinea excepted)
Following the introductory sections, a general key, and regional keys, noteworthy observations are given for selected species of Myristica covering the whole distributional area of the genus west ofExpand
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Census of Myristica (Myristicaceae) in New Guinea anno 1994
In this paper an account is given of all names in the genus Myristica Gronov. for New Guinea, including 71 new species, subspecies or varieties and 4 new names either by new combination or new rank.Expand
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Four-dimensional design: from strategies to cases – generation of fractal grammar for reusing building elements
Because of its scale and the role it plays in our lives, a healthy built environment is of vital importance. As a part of material culture, buildings have to support human needs. But because of theirExpand
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DE WILDE, W.J.J.O. & DUYFJES, BRIGITTA E.E. 2004. Kedrostis Medik. in Asia. Reinwardtia 12(2):129 – 133. — Kedrostis (Cucurbitaceae) occurs in Africa and Madagascar and comprises 4 (5) species inExpand
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Zehneria subgenus Zehneria (Cucurbitaceae) in Java and Bali
Three species of Zehneria subg. Zehneria are accepted for Java and Bali: Z. mucronata (Blume) Miq., Z. perpusilla (Blume) Bole & Almeida, and Z. repanda (Blume) C. Simmons, comb. nov. They areExpand
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ESICM LIVES 2016: part three : Milan, Italy. 1-5 October 2016.
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Saraca tubiflora, a new species from West-Central Sumatra (Caesalpinioideae)
Saraca staminibus 4 fertilibus, filamentis liberis, 21—25 mm longis; staminodia desunt; tubo calycis 55-70 mm longo, fauce 4-5 mm lata; bracteis atque bracteolis persistentibus, erectopatentibus, 2-3Expand
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Conspectus of Myristica (Myristicaceae) in Australia, with the description of a new species from Queensland
In Australia three species of Myristica are recognized: M. muelleri Warb., M. insipida R. Br. and one species, M. ampliata de Wilde, newly described here; the specimen Lucas (& Wilson) 10, possiblyExpand
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