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Microbial carbonate precipitation in construction materials: A review
Evidence of microbial involvement in carbonate precipitation has led to the exploration of this process in the field of construction materials. One of the first patented applications concerned theExpand
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Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, an Empiricist Approach
Preface. 1. Standard and generalized formalisms of quantum mechanics. 2. Empiricist and realist interpretations of quantum mechanics. 3. Quantum mechanical description of measurement, and theExpand
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Influence of urea and calcium dosage on the effectiveness of bacterially induced carbonate precipitation on limestone
Abstract Bacterially induced carbonate precipitation has been explored for the protection and consolidation of ornamental stone. Attempts to improve the efficiency of this biodeposition process wereExpand
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Evaluation of strategies to prevent algal fouling on white architectural and cellular concrete
Abstract In this study, different strategies have been examined for the prevention of algal fouling on two types of concrete with different bioreceptivity, i.e. white architectural and autoclavedExpand
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Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics, and Interpretations of Violation of Bell's Inequality
The discussion of the foundations of quantum mechanics is complicated by the fact that a number of different issues are closely entangled. Three of these issues are i) the interpretation ofExpand
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POVMs: a small but important step beyond standard quantum mechanics
It is the purpose of the present contribution to demonstrate that the generalization of the concept of a quantum mechanical oservable from the Hermitian operator of standard quantum mechanics to aExpand
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Nonideal quantum measurements
A partial ordering in the class of observables (∼ positive operator-valued measures, introduced by Davies and by Ludwig) is explored. The ordering is interpreted as a form of nonideality, and itExpand
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Interpretations of quantum mechanics, joint measurement of incompatible observables, and counterfactual definiteness
The validity of the conclusion to the nonlocality of quantum mechanics, accepted widely today as the only reasonable solution to the EPR and Bell issues, is questioned and criticized. Arguments areExpand
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Disturbance, conservation laws and the uncertainty principle
The interpretation of the uncertainty principle in terms of a measurement of a single observable disturbing other observables, originating in Heisenberg's 1927 paper, is shown to be derivable from anExpand
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Simultaneous measurement and joint probability distributions in quantum mechanics
The problem of simultaneous measurement of incompatible observables in quantum mechanics is studied on the one hand from the viewpoint of an axiomatic treatment of quantum mechanics and on the otherExpand
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