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Analytical methods validation: Bioavailability, bioequivalence and pharmacokinetic studies
Abstract This is a summary report of the conference on ‘Analytical Methods Validation: Bioavailability, Bioequivalence and Pharmacokinetic Studies.’ The conference was held from December 3 to 5,Expand
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Pharmacokinetics of oxprenolol in normal subjects
The effect of oxprenolol administered intravenously (10 and 20 mg) and orally (20, 40, 80, and 160 mg) on plasma concentrations of the drug, resting heart rate, exercise‐induced tachycardia, andExpand
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Determination of Aspirin, Salicylic Acid, Salicyluric Acid, and Gentisic Acid in Human Plasma and Urine by High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Abstract A method has been developed to simultaneously determine aspirin, salicylic acid, salicyluric acid, and gentisic acid concentrations in human plasma and urine. An extraction and dry-down stepExpand
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Kinetics and absolute bioavailability of atenolol
Twelve healthy volunteers received four single doses of atenolol (25‐, 25‐, and 100‐mg oral solutions and a 50‐mg intravenous infusion), each dose separated by at least one week. Blood and urineExpand
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Dose-dependent absorption and excretion of vitamin C in humans
Abstract Four subjects ingested 500, 1000 and 2000 mg of ascorbic acid daily for one week according to a three-way crossover design. Following the last dose, serial urine and plasma samples wereExpand
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High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of phenylephrine and its conjugates in human plasma using solid-phase extraction and electrochemical detection.
An HPLC method for the determination of phenylephrine and its conjugates in human plasma was developed and validated. The method for quantitation involved extraction of diluted plasma (subject toExpand
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Pharmacokinetics of codeine after parenteral and oral dosing in the rat.
  • J. Shah, W. D. Mason
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  • Drug metabolism and disposition: the biological…
  • 1 September 1990
The pharmacokinetics of codeine was examined in six male Sprague-Dawley rats following iv bolus (3 mg/kg) and oral (5 mg/kg) codeine in a randomized crossover design. Whole blood concentrations ofExpand
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Kinetics of aspirin, salicylic acid, and salicyluric acid following oral administration of aspirin as a tablet and two buffered solutions.
Twelve fasting normal volunteers received three aspirin dosage forms in a single-dose, complete crossover study; the plasma and urine levels of aspirin, salicylic acid, and salicyluric acid wereExpand
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Effects of atenolol on blood pressure, heart rate, renin, and norepinephrine during exercise
A single oral 100‐mg dose of atenolol was given to 12 healthy subjects to evaluate the dynamic effects of the drug. Plasma atenolol, blood pressure, and heart rate were determined prior to dosing andExpand
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Pharmacokinetics and relative bioavailability of selegiline in healthy volunteers
Selegiline is beneficial to Parkinsonian patients as an adjunct to levodopa therapy. A sensitive fluorimetric assay based on ibhibition of rat brain monoamine oxidase‐B (MAO‐B) in vitro has beenExpand
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