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Development at the Urban Fringe and Beyond: Impacts on Agriculture and Rural Land
Land development in the United States is following two routes: expansion of urban areas and large-lot development (greater than 1 acre per house) in rural areas. Urban expansion claimed more than 1Expand
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Review of the perciform fish genus Symphysanodon Bleeker (Symphysanodontidae), with descriptions of three new species, S. mona, S. parini, and S. rhax
Symphysanodon mona, a new species of perciform fish, is described from a single specimen collected in Mona Passage off the west coast of Puerto Rico. It differs from all other species ofExpand
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Reef Fish Behavior—Florida Caribbean Bahamas
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Age and Growth of the Knobbed Whelk Busycon carica (Gmelin 1791) in South Carolina Subtidal Waters
Abstract Knobbed whelk, Busycon carica (Gmelin, 1791), age and growth were estimated using tagged and recaptured individuals (n = 396) from areas off South Carolina coastal islands. Recaptured whelksExpand
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A New Species of Callanthias (Pisces: Perciformes: Percoidei: Callanthiidae) from the Southeastern Pacific Ocean
— Callanthias parini, a new species from the Nazca Ridge, is distinguished from all other species of Callanthias in having the following combination of characters: tubed lateral-line scales 25 to 30,Expand
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Effects of Social Value Orientations on Fairness Judgments
The authors assessed the impact that social value orientations—prosocial (i.e., concerned about outcomes for both oneself and others) versus proself (i.e., concerned about one's own outcome only)—hadExpand
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F/A-22 Vertical Tail Buffet Strength Certification
This paper describes the design, flight test and analysis process used to certify the F/A-22 vertical tail and rudder structure for buffet loads. Expand
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