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The tribe formicoxenini [Hymenoptera, Formicidae] in Poland - a taxonomic review and keys for identification
A b stra c t.— A taxonom ic review o f 18 species o f the tribe Form icoxenini o ccurring in P oland is p re ­ sen ted , together w ith in form ation on their geograph ica l ranges, d is tribu tionExpand
Mermithid infestation strikingly alters the morphology of Myrmica rubra (L.) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) : possible taxonomical involvements
The morphology of infested and non-infested individuals was compared and mermithogenic modifications of body structure in Myrmica species are signalled to be the cause of the possible taxonomic problems and mistakes. Expand
Species diversity and nestedness of ant assemblages in an urban environment
Ant assemblages were studied in Warsaw in the context of the effects of urban pressure. Four types of urban greenery were selected: (1) green areas bordering streets, (2) in housing estates, and (3)Expand
Colonies of hybrids and mixed colonies; interspecific nest takeover in wood ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae)
Publication partly supported by Foundation for the Benefit of Protection of the Environment "Conservation of Bees and Ants in Silesia", Opole and Psychosomatic Institute Ltd, Warszawa
Recruitment signals and raids in slave-maker ants
It is supposed, and partly proved in some experiments, that chemical signals in the form of pheromones excreted by the workers stimulate R apti­ formica and Polyergus to raids. Expand
Occurrence of carabids (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in the urban greenery of Warsaw according to the land utilization and cultivation
The work describes comprehensively the carabid fauna of the urban environment (Warsaw) and presents its specific features when compared with the carabid fauna of the region (Mazovian Lowland). ItExpand