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Risperidone metabolism in relation to CYP2D6*10 allele in Korean schizophrenic patients
In Korean schizophrenic patients, the metabolism of risperidone is dependent on CYP2D6, and the CYP1D6*10 allele is important for the regulation of the activity of this enzyme, which suggests that the clinical significance of this polymorphism is limited. Expand
CYP3C1, the first member of a new cytochrome P450 subfamily found in zebrafish (Danio rerio).
A new cytochrome P450 (CYP) subfamily CYP3C and the cloning through PCR from zebrafish (Danio rerio) of the first member, CYP 3C1 is reported and spectral analysis shows that the CYP2C1 protein heterologously expressed in yeast is functional. Expand
Prevention of nitric oxide-mediated 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine-induced Parkinson's disease in mice by tea phenolic epigallocatechin 3-gallate.
The preventive effects of tea and EGCG may be explained by the inhibition of nNOS in the substantia nigra, which reduces expressions of neuronal NO synthase (nNOS) at the similar levels of E GCG treatment group. Expand
Oxidation of ranitidine by isozymes of flavin-containing monooxygenase and cytochrome P450.
Production of desmethylranitidine by rat and human liver microsomes was inhibited by tranylcypromine, a-naphthoflavon and quinidine, which are known to inhibit CYP2C19, 1A2 and 2D6, repectively. Expand
Effects of dietary supplements on induction and inhibition of cytochrome P450s protein expression in rats.
It is suggested that dietary supplement-drug interactions may occur through modulation of CYPs in humans when they are taken simultaneously. Expand
The effect of spironolactone treatment on the cytochrome P450-mediated metabolism of the pyrrolizidine alkaloid senecionine by hepatic microsomes from rats and guinea pigs.
It is demonstrated that P4503A was not the major enzyme for senecionine metabolism in guinea pigs and triacetyloleandomycin showed that the P 4503A sub-family played an important role in senecIONine bioactivation in untreated or SPL-treated rats but not in both untreated and SPL- treated guinea pig. Expand
Phenotypes of flavin-containing monooxygenase activity determined by ranitidine N-oxidation are positively correlated with genotypes of linked FM03 gene mutations in a Korean population.
The results showed that subjects who were homozygous and heterozygous for either one or both of the FMO3/Lys158 and F MO3/Gly308 mutant alleles had significantly lower in-vivo FMO activities than those with homozygotes wild-type alleles. Expand
Effect of age and smoking on in vivo CYP1A2, flavin‐containing monooxygenase, and xanthine oxidase activities in Koreans: Determination by caffeine metabolism
  • W. Chung, Ju‐Hee Kang, Chang‐Shin Park, M. Cho, Y. Cha
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics
  • 1 March 2000
To assess the effect of gender, age, and smoking habits on the in vivo activities of CYP1A2, flavin‐containing monooxygenase (FMO), and xanthine oxidase in Korean subjects, a large number of subjects were smokers. Expand
Site-specific protein adducts of 4-hydroxy-2(E)-nonenal in human THP-1 monocytic cells: protein carbonylation is diminished by ascorbic acid.
The protein targets and sites of modification by 4-hydroxy-2(E)-nonenal (HNE) in human monocytic THP-1 cells after exogenous exposure to HNE were examined using a multipronged proteomic approachExpand