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Fumigant toxicity of essential oils from the Myrtaceae family and 1,8-cineole against 3 major stored-grain insects
Abstract Six out of 42 essential oils extracted from species of the family Myrtaceae found in Australia were shown to have potent fumigant toxicity against three major stored-grain insects:Expand
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Fumigant toxicity of essential oils and their constituent compounds towards the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.)
Abstract Toxicity of various essential oils and their volatile constituents towards the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), was determined. The most potent toxicity wasExpand
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Insecticidal and acaricidal activity of pipernonaline and piperoctadecalidine derived from dried fruits of Piper longum L.
Abstract Toxicities of two piperidine alkaloids, pipernonaline and piperoctadecalidine, isolated from Piper longum L. were determined against five species of arthropod pests. The most potentExpand
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Neighborhood-scale air quality impacts of emissions from motor vehicles and aircraft
Abstract A mobile monitoring platform (MMP) was used to measure real-time air pollutant concentrations in different built environments of Boyle Heights (BH, a lower-income community enclosed byExpand
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Fungicidal activity of pipernonaline, a piperidine alkaloid derived from long pepper, Piper longum L., against phytopathogenic fungi
Abstract Fungicidal activity of Piper longum L . fruit-derived materials toward six phytopathogenic fungi, Pyricularia oryzae , Rhizoctonia solani , Botrytis cineria , Phytophthora infestans ,Expand
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Prevalence of wide area impacts downwind of freeways under pre-sunrise stable atmospheric conditions
Abstract In urban areas, a large fraction of the population typically lives within 1.5–2 km of a freeway. In an earlier study, Hu et al. (2009) showed that in the pre-sunrise hours, with stable,Expand
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Factors controlling pollutant plume length downwind of major roadways in nocturnal surface inversions
Abstract. A fitting method using a semi-empirical Gaussian dispersion model solution was successfully applied to obtain both dispersion coefficients and a particle number emission factor (PNEF)Expand
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Site-controlled VLS growth of planar nanowires: yield and mechanism.
The recently emerged selective lateral epitaxy of semiconductor planar nanowires (NWs) via the vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) mechanism has redefined the long-standing symbolic image of VLS NW growth. TheExpand
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III-V Junctionless Gate-All-Around Nanowire MOSFETs for High Linearity Low Power Applications
III-V junctionless gate-all-around (GAA) nanowire MOSFETs (NWFETs) are experimentally demonstrated for the first time. Source/drain resistance and thermal budget are minimized by regrowth usingExpand
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Closing the ultrafine particle number concentration budget at road-to-ambient scale: Implications for particle dynamics
ABSTRACT Freshly emitted vehicle exhaust particles are diluted quickly as they mix into ambient air, but the contribution of evaporation, coagulation, and/or nucleation of new particles to the numberExpand
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