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Fourier transform profilometry:: a review
Fourier transform profilometry is one of the popular non-contact 3-D measurement methods, where a Ronchi grating or sinusoidal grating is projected onto a diffuse three-dimensional surface, and theExpand
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Reliability-guided phase unwrapping algorithm: a review ☆
Abstract Phase unwrapping algorithm plays very important role in noncontract optical profilometry, beacuse the phase map acquired derectly is limited from π to − π , which is called wrapped phase. ItExpand
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Eliminating zero spectra in Fourier transform profilometry by application of Hilbert transform
Abstract Hilbert transform has the features of inducing a phase shifting of 90 degree and removing the DC component. We propose a novel method based on the piecewise Hilbert transform to suppress theExpand
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Optical 3D shape measurement profilometry based on 2D S-Transform filtering method
A two-dimensional S-Transform filtering (2DSTF) method is proposed to demodulate phase maps from fringe patterns. Expand
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Fourier transform profilometry based on a fringe pattern with two frequency components
A modified Fourier transform profilomtry (FTP) based on a fringe pattern with two frequency components is proposed. We discuss its principle, analyze the maximum measuring range and give anExpand
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Optical 3-D shape and deformation measurement of rotating blades using stroboscopic structured illumination
An optical method for shape and deformation measurement of a rotating blade, which is based on Fourier transform profilometry FTP and the stroboscopic effect, is proposed and has been verified byExpand
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Spatial carrier fringe pattern phase demodulation by use of a two-dimensional real wavelet.
A two-dimensional continuous wavelet transform employing a real mother wavelet is applied to phase analysis of spatial carrier fringe patterns. Expand
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Method of choosing the adaptive level of discrete wavelet decomposition to eliminate zero component
An improved method is proposed to optimize the discrete wavelet decomposition, which can be used to decompose a deformed fringe by easily applying “ridge” information of continuous wavelet transform. Expand
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Application of two-dimensional S-Transform in fringe pattern analysis
A novel approach for extracting phase of the fringe patterns in optical 3D shape measurement, two-dimensional S-Transform was presented. Expand
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Hilbert assisted wavelet transform method of optical fringe pattern phase reconstruction for optical profilometry and interferometry
Abstract A Hilbert assisted wavelet transform (HWT) method is presented for phase reconstruction of 3D profilometry and interferometry. A rigorous mathematical demonstration about this HWT method isExpand
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