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Applications of Kalman filtering to real-time trace gas concentration measurements
Abstract.A Kalman filtering technique is applied to the simultaneous detection of NH3 and CO2 with a diode-laser-based sensor operating at 1.53 μm. This technique is developed for improving the
Optical, vibrational, thermal, electrical, damage, and phase-matching properties of lithium thioindate
Lithium thioindate (LiInS2) is a new nonlinear chalcogenide biaxial material transparent from 0.4 to 12 μm that has been successfully grown in large sizes and with good optical quality. We report on
Mid-infrared trace gas detection using continuous-wave difference frequency generation in periodically poled RbTiOAsO4
Experimental details regarding the feasibility of trace gas detection based on absorption spectroscopy of CO2 in ambient air using this DFG radiation source are also described.
LiInS2 and LiInSe2 : New Nonlinear Crystals for Continuous-Wave Difference-Frequency Generation in the Mid-Infrared
In this paper we report on the first demonstration, to the best of our knowledge, of continuous-wave (CW) difference-frequency generation (DFG) in LIS and LISe crystals in the mid-infrared between
Measurements of benzene concentration by difference-frequency laser absorption spectroscopy.
Measurements of benzene concentration based on high-resolution laser absorption spectroscopy by use of the R(6) transition in the nu(4) fundamental vibrational band near 14.8 mum (676.6 cm(-1)) are
High‐power terahertz radiation from a high‐repetition‐rate large‐aperture photoconducting antenna
While the majority of research with terahertz radiation from large-aperture antennas used high-intensity femtosecond laser pulses with low repetition rates, we used a regenerative amplifier with a
A far-infrared heterodyne sidebands spectrometer
We present recent experimental developments in far-infrared coherent spectroscopy. Most known far-infrared sidebands spectrometers use the direct detection scheme. The system developed at Lille
Gas filter correlation instrument for air monitoring at submillimeter wavelengths.
A gas filter correlation (GFC) instrument for air monitoring at submillimeter wavelengths has been developed. We used a high-power terahertz radiation source in combination with a specific gas filter
Trace gas absorption spectroscopy using laser difference-frequency spectrometer for environmental application.
A widely tunable infrared spectrometer based on difference frequency generation (DFG) has been developed for organic trace gas detection by laser absorption spectroscopy for highly sensitive detection.
Determination of dispersion characteristics in anisotropic materials using ultrashort pulses
2 crystal. This method, based on group velocity measurement, allows the determination of the principal axes, the indices, the group velocities and the group velocity dispersion (GVD).