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The properties of tilapia sperm and its cryopreservation
The specific differences between the testis, milt and sperm of six species of tilapia including Oreochromis aureus, O. mossambicus, O. niloticus, Tilapia zillii, O. nilolicus×O. aureus hybrid and redExpand
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Materiality analysis model in sustainability reporting: a case study at Lite-On Technology Corporation
An increasing number of companies involved in stakeholder engagement demonstrate social responsibility through sustainability reporting. However, a key challenge for most reporting organizations isExpand
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Low-power gated and buffered clock network construction
We propose an efficient algorithm to construct a low-power zero-skew gated clock network, given the module locations and activity information. Unlike previous works, we consider masking logicExpand
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Imaging at high spatial resolution: Soft x-ray microscopy to 15 nm
Imaging at High Spatial Resolution: Soft X-Ray Microscopy to 15 nm David Attwood* # , Weilun Chao* # , Erik Anderson # , J. Alexander Liddle # , Bruce Harteneck # , Peter Fischer # , Gerd Schneider §Expand
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High directional backlight using an integrated light guide plate.
A high directional backlight system that combined a composite microstructure light guide plate (LGP) with a collimated light source was proposed for eco-displays. The collimated planar light wasExpand
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Design optimization for micromachined low power Mach-Zehnder thermo-optic switch
The main issue of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer based thermo-optic switch is that it needs large heating power to get adequate phase shift for switching. A device structure of etching in a siliconExpand
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Tolerance analysis of lenses with high zoom ratio
Axial and lateral compensators are used for zoom systems tolerancing to improve the manufacturability of high zoom ratio lenses. An investigation into the tolerance distribution for various zoomExpand
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Contrast-sensitivity-based evaluation method of a surveillance camera’s visual resolution: improvement from the conventional slanted-edge spatial frequency response method
Visual resolution is an important specification of a surveillance camera, and it is usually quantified by linewidths per picture height (LW/PH). The conventional evaluation method adopts theExpand
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3.1: A Novel Architecture for Autostereoscopic 2D/3D Switchable Display Using Dual-Layer OLED Backlight Module
A novel dual-layer strip type OLED backlight acting as a parallax barrier and a light source was proposed for 2D/3D switchable display. This architecture not only achieved a high uniformity of 90% inExpand
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Switchable viewing angle display with a compact directional backlight and striped diffuser.
A compact high-directionality backlight module combined with a striped diffuser is proposed to achieve an adjustable viewing angle for eco-display. The micro-prisms on the compact light guide plateExpand
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