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Infrared absorption signature on laser-damaged optical thin films.
It is found that the absorption peaks associated with OH decrease after laser treatment, indicating a reduction in the number of film hydroxyl groups.
Fabrication and operation of an electrostatic actuator for controlling nanometer-scale gaps in collapsed cantilever heterostructures
Vertical electrostatic wedge actuators are described that control nanometer-scale gaps between surfaces. Standard parallel-plate electrostatic actuators become difficult to stabilize across extremely
Long-wavelength optical logging for high-resolution detection of ash layers in glacier ice
A new instrument for high-resolution optical logging has been built and tested in Antarctica. Its purpose is to obtain records of volcanic products and other scattering features, such as bubbles and
Coupling of quantum states with mechanical heterostructures
Mechanical positioning is used to control the wavelength of light emission from semiconductor heterostructures. In our work, a SixN/InP cantilever containing an InGaAs surface well collapses over
Band-gap tuning with mechanical heterostructures
Two surface quantum wells in a collapsed heterostructure couple across an air gap of variable width. Experiments demonstrate a tuning range of 22 nm with the potential for up to 225 nm.
In situ laser reflectance measurement of diffuse surfaces.
The main advantages of this in situ method of laser reflectance measurement of diffuse surfaces are the elimination of the need of a surface standard; the avoidance of having the surfaces in close contact with the measuring equipment; the accuracy better than 10%; and the relatively straightforward alignment.
Electrostatic actuator for coupling quantum well electron states
An actuator was designed and fabricated to actively tune the nanometer-scaled gap between quantum wells in a collapsed cantilever structure. Maximum actuation of 55nm was achieved. Photoluminescence
Compact field-deployable automated c-axis analyzer for ice thin sections
Automated c-axis analyzers are a critical tool for harvesting large-scale ice crystal orientation data from thin section analysis, but existing examples are not designed for deployment into the fie...