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Composition and antimalarial activity in vitro of the essential oil of Tetradenia riparia.
The essential oil from the leaves and stems of Tetradenia riparia was analysed by GC and GC/MS and 35 components were identified. The main constituents were alpha-terpineol (22.6%), fenchone (13.6%),Expand
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Cytotoxic and antimalarial alkaloids from Brunsvigia littoralis.
Four known alkaloids, lycorine (1), 1,2-di-O-acetyllycorine (2), ambelline (3), and crinine (4) were isolated from the bulbs of Brunsvigia littoralis (Amaryllidaceae). 1H- and 13C-NMR spectra of 2Expand
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Bioactive alkaloids from Brunsvigia radulosa.
A phytochemical investigation of the bulbs of Brunsvigia radulosa yielded the new alkaloid 1-O-acetylnorpluviine, together with the known structures 1-epideacetylbowdensine, crinamine, crinine,Expand
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A dinitrogenous alkaloid from Cyrtanthus obliquus.
The ethanolic extract of bulbs of Cyrtanthus obliquus (L.f.) Ait yielded the new dinitrogenous alkaloid obliquine (1), 3S, 4aS, 11S,Expand
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Alkaloids from Crinum macowanii.
Eleven alkaloids have been isolated from fresh bulbs of Crinum macowanii (Amaryllidaceae). Macowine is reported here for the first time. The structure and stereochemistry of this new alkaloid as wellExpand
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In vitro antiplasmodial activity of abietane and totarane diterpenes isolated from Harpagophytum procumbens (devil's claw).
The development of drug resistance and resurgence of malaria has highlighted the need for new chemically diverse antimalarial drugs. This study investigates Harpagophytum procumbens DC. as a sourceExpand
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Alkaloids from Cyrtanthus elatus.
The alcoholic extract of the fresh bulbs of Cyrtanthus elatus yielded zephyranthine (1) and 1,2-O-diacetylzephyranthine (2), together with three other known alkaloids. Complete assignment of 1H andExpand
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Further alkaloids from Brunsvigia josephinae
Abstract From the bulbs of Brunsvigia josephinae (Amaryllidaceae), crinine, buphanisine, buphanidrine, undulatine, 11- O -acetylambelline, brunsbelline and hippadine have been isolated andExpand
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Inhibition of mycobacterial arylamine N-acetyltransferase contributes to anti-mycobacterial activity of Warburgia salutaris.
In this study, we show that extracts and a purified compound of Warburgia salutaris exhibit anti-mycobacterial activity against Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv and Mycobacterium bovis BCG Pasteur.Expand
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