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Terrestrial Life of Antarctica
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Additional bryophytes from Nahanni National Park and vicinity, Northwest Territories, Canada
Additional fieldwork in Nahanni National Park and vicinity has added 91 species of bryophytes to the flora of that region. Twenty of these are new to the District of Mackenzie, and 37 are new to theExpand
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Essays in Evolution and Genetics in Honor of Theodosius Dobzhansky
had been printed (1785). A third volume was written, but part of it was lost and the remainder was not published until 1899, more than a century after Hutton's death. (A summary of all three volumes,Expand
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The Mosses of Michigan
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Nitrogen Excretion and Water Balance in Amphibians of Borneo
Appendix.-Collection sites for A. roquet on Martinique: Pointe Chateaugue (15 m elevation, roadside scrub); Anse Chalvet (20 m elevation, closed canopy coastal forest); Habitation Ajoupa, near FaillyExpand
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New york botanical garden-research and education.
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Introduction to Bryology
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Evolutionary Biology, Volume 11
This is the 15th volume in a series with prestigious origins (Dobzhansky was a founding editor in 1967) and with a history of providing influential reviews. Yet it will probably be purchased by fewExpand
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