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Ground-penetrating radar for airfield pavement evaluations
A ground penetrating radar (GPR) system has been developed and implemented for the U.S. Air Force's pavement evaluation teams. This tool can be used to rapidly, continuously, and non-destructivelyExpand
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The main purpose of this analysis was to compare deterministic and probabilistic methods for calculating allowable gross loads (AGLs) in an actual contingency airfield scenario. Current analysisExpand
Fundamental Properties of Soils for Complex Dynamic Loadings: Dynamic Constitutive Modeling of Sandy Soils.
Abstract : Constitutive modeling of cohesionless soil for both standard static test conditions and insitu impulsive dynamic load conditions is discussed in this annual report. Predicted laboratoryExpand
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Soil Model Evaluation under Dynamic Loadings
Abstract : Many different types of constitutive relationships are available for calculating the response of geologic media to impulsive loading. Choosing a material model which is suitable for aExpand
Asphaltic Concrete Performance Under High Pressure Tires
A study was conducted by the USAF Engineering and Services Laboratory to evaluate the rutting effects of high pressure tires on Marshall and gyratory designed pavements. Full scale pavement testExpand
Asphaltic Concrete Performance Under Heavy Fighter Aircraft Loading
Abstract : Rutting of asphaltic concrete pavements is rapidly becoming a cause for concern among AF civil engineers. Modern fighter aircraft often have operating tire pressures well above theExpand
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Analysis of Buried Reinforced Concrete Arch Structures under Dynamic Loads
Abstract : A damped single degree-of-freedom model was developed to represent the gross dynamic behavior of shallow buried reinforced concrete arches subjected to specified nonuniform pressureExpand
Effect of spall on the characteristics of explosive ground motion. Final report 1 may 81-30 apr 82
An empirical technique is developed for predicting the vertical and horizontal extent of spall in soil or rock due to near-surface chemical or nuclear explosions. One-dimensional numerical analysesExpand
Computational Aspects of the ARA Three Invariant Constitutive Model.
Abstract : The three invariant elastoplastic constitutive model has been implemented for use in finite difference blast and shock calculations. The model employs two yield surfaces with anExpand