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Performance Prediction of Contrarotating Wells Turbines for Wave Energy Converter Design
Wave energy can be captured and converted to a vertical pistonlike oscillatory motion by semiinsertion of a chamber with a submerged opening into the ocean. The roof of the chamber will open onto aExpand
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Statistical electricity demand modelling from consumer billing data
The paper develops a statistical framework for the modelling of electricity consumption distributions. The method is based directly upon consumer billing data and it is shown that a generalised formExpand
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Power quality assessment from a wave-power station
This paper describes the development and testing of a software based flickermeter used in order to assess the supply quality from the LIMPET wave-power station on Islay. It describes the phenomenonExpand
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The design, construction and subsequent operation of the 75kW oscillating water column wave power plant on the Isle of Islay has provided a significant insight into the practicality of wave powerExpand
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Doubly fed operation of cascade-connected machines
A doubly fed cascade-connected machine system may operate either synchronously or asynchronously. The analysis of both modes of operation is considered, and the corresponding equivalent circuits areExpand
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Five Years' Experience on the Consolidated Edison System with Protection of Turbine Generators and Boilers by Automatic Tripping
Since the authors' paper, presented in 1953, on the subject of protection of turbine generators and boilers by automatic tripping, the Consolidated Edison Company has had 5 years' experience withExpand
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Measurement of harmonic impedance from analysis of transients generated by capacitors
This paper deals with a novel technique for the measurement of the harmonic supply impedance for use in the areas of harmonic penetration studies. Power-factor compensation, protection andExpand
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Analogue modelling of thyristors
The paper is an applications report of an electronic model of an s.c.r.for use in predicting the conducting state of a thyristor. The model is entirely logical in operation, relies purely on voltageExpand
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Electricity demand modelling from disaggregate data
Abstract The paper presents plans for electricity demand modelling from consumer billing data. The organization and utilization of a suitable computer database are discussed. Previously proposedExpand
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Digital modelling of a thyristor
A logical model of a thyristor for use in digital simulation of silicon-controlled rectifier (s.c.r.) systems. Expand
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