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The use of bibliometric data for the measurement of university research performance
Abstract In this paper we present the results of a study on the potentialities of “bibliometric” (publication and citation) data as tools for university research policy. In this study bibliometricExpand
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The A dependence of the nuclear structure function ratios
Results are presented for six nuclei from Be to Pb on the structure function ratios F-2(A)/F-2(C)(X) and their A dependence in deep inelastic muon scattering at 200 GeV incident: muon energy. TheExpand
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A study was conducted to (1) determine the frequency and severity of driver/vehicle design mismatch problem contribution to accidents and near accidents, (2) relate driver and vehicle characteristicsExpand
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The application of bibliometric indicators: Important field- and time-dependent factors to be considered
An analysis of three major problems in the application of bibliometric research performance indicators is made in three separate sections. Expand
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Measurement of the proton and deuteron structure functions, F2p and F2d, and of the ratio sigmaL/sigmaT.
The muon-proton and muon-deuteron inclusive deep inelastic scattering cross sections were measured in the kinematic range 0.002 < x < 0.60 and 0.5 < Q(2) < 75 GeV2 at incident muon energies of 90,Expand
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Measurement of the proton and the deuteron structure functions, F2p and F2d
The proton and deuteron structure funtions F2p and F2d were measured in the kinematic range 0.006 < x < 0.6 and 0.5 < Q2 < 75 GeV2, by inclusive deep inelastic muon scattering at 90, 120, 200 and 280Expand
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Effect of ambient lighting and daytime running light (DRL) intensity on peripheral detection of DRL
Daytime running lights (DRLs) have been proposed to reduce the frequency and severity of traffic accidents by enhancing the conspicuity of vehicles to other drivers. DRL regulations have been enactedExpand
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A comparative study of bibliometric past performance analysis and peer judgement
A comparison is made between two types of research past performance analysis: the results of bibliometric-indicators and theresults of peer judgement. Expand
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Motor Vehicle Conspicuity
This paper addresses the relationship between vehicle conspicuity and probability of accident involvement. As used here, conspicuity refers not only to the "noticeability" of the vehicle, but also toExpand
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