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Impact of Cognitive Loading on Postural Control in Parkinson’s Disease With Freezing of Gait
These findings represent the interactions between cognitive function, postural control, and FOG in Parkinson’s disease patients with and without freezing of gait (FOG) during cognitive loading.
Basal Ganglia and Prefrontal Regions Influence Postural Control and Cognitive Impairment in Parkinson's Disease
The roles of BG and prefrontal regions in postural control and cognitive impairment in PD patients who exhibit freezing of gait (FOG) are revealed.
ALGX‐XC20, a Novel Transient Receptor Potential Ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) Antagonist Attenuates Joint Pain and Articular Cartilage Damage in an Osteoarthritis Rat Model
AlGX‐XC20 may be used as a novel therapeutic analgesic/anti‐inflammatory drug for the treatment of chronic arthritis, such as OA pain and this TRPA1 antagonist drug may also represent a new class of disease‐modifying drug by providing a chondroprotective effect on articular cartilage.
Detecting Freezing-of-Gait Symptom in Parkinson's Disease by Analyzing Vertical Motion from Force Plate
A new kind of feature named “Fluctuation of Vertical Acceleration” (FVA) which informs us the acceleration due to the body’s up-down motion and use comparative analysis to analyze the postural control function activities in cognitive loading tasks of all patients, FoG and non FoG groups.
Novel TRPA1 Antagonists are Multimodal Blockers of Human TRPA1 Channels: Drug Candidates for Treatment of Familial Episodic Pain Syndrome (FEPS)
The results identify a class of drugs that enable a therapeutic approach to treat pain episodes associated with FEPS and demonstrate that the pharmacological activity defined in the recombinant assay systems directly translates to native hTRPA1 receptor‐channels.