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Crystal Structures, Physical, Chemical, and Microtextural Properties
Remarks by JVS. Volumes 1 and 2 of Feldspar Minerals were published in 1974, but Volume 3 was not completed because I was forced to devote 3 years to the resolution of unforeseen problems in theExpand
Development of microporosity, diffusion channels and deuteric coarsening in perthitic alkali feldspars
Turbidity is an almost universal feature of alkali feldspars in plutonic rocks and has been investigated by us in alkali feldspars from the Klokken syenite using SEM and TEM. It is caused by theExpand
The solubility of water in NaAlSi3O8 melts: a re-examination of Ab−H2O phase relationships and critical behaviour at high pressures
The solubility of water in melts in the NaAlSi3O8−H2O system at high P and T was deduced from the appearance of quenched products and from water concentrations in the quenched glasses measured by ionExpand
40Ar/39Ar thermochronology using alkali feldspars: real thermal history or mathematical mirage of microtexture?
Abstract The Multiple Diffusion Domain (MDD) theory of Ar loss, based on the 40Ar/39Ar method, has been used to obtain thermal histories, over tens of millions of years, in the range 500 °C toExpand
Alkali feldspars: ordering rates, phase transformations and behaviour diagrams for igneous rocks*
Homogeneous and heterogeneous phase relationships in the alkali feldspars are reviewed, and behaviour diagrams developed. A1,Si ordering is almost certainly continuous and higher order in both albiteExpand
A coherent elastic model for the determination of the orientation of exsolution boundaries: Application to the feldspars
On the basis of proposals by Cahn [Acta Met. (1962). 10, 179-183] for cubic crystals, a coherent elastic model is developed which makes it possible for the orientations of exsolution boundariesExpand
Feldspars in Igneous Rocks
Feldspars are the most abundant minerals in almost all crustal igneous rocks, those without feldspars being rarities. Feldspars define better than any other mineral group the three stages in theExpand
Plagioclase in the Skaergaard intrusion. Part 1: Core and rim compositions in the layered series
The anorthite content of plagioclase grains (XAn) in 12 rocks from the layered series of the Skaergaard intrusion has been studied by electron microprobe (typically ∼30 core and ∼70 rim analyses perExpand
Towards a more practical two-feldspar geothermometer
The thermodynamic basis of several recent attempts to formulate a simple two-feldspar geothermometer is discussed, together with a review of earlier empirical geothermometers and ones based onExpand
Feldspars and feldspathoids, structures, properties, and occurrences
Feldspars.- 1. Average Structures of Alkali and Plagioclase Feldspars : Systematics and Applications.- 2. Phase Relations of Plagioclase Feldspars.- 3. The Modulated Structure of the IntermediateExpand