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Methods of assessing population increase in aphids and the effect of growth stage of the host plant on population growth rates
Realistic values of population growth rates are needed when used in forecasting programmes, e.g., in a programme of integrated control. Therefore, comparisons were made in a chrysanthemum – aphidExpand
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Effect of woodlots on thrips density in leek fields: a landscape analysis
Abstract The effect of woodlots, natural areas and agricultural land in the landscape on a generalist herbivore insect species in cropland was investigated. The abundance of onion thrips ( ThripsExpand
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Contaminated Soil’93
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Fate and Effects of Oil in Marine Ecosystems
The mechanical action of breaking waves and turbulence cause oil to break up into small droplets and diffuse in the water column. The droplet size is important in view of the dispers ion stabil i ty,Expand
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Contaminated Soil ’95
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Contaminated Soil ’90
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Microwave irradiation in label-detection for diagnostic DNA-in situ hybridization
SummaryA DNA-in situ hybridization protocol was adapted for application to sections of routinely processed paraffin embedded material. This protocol was developed previously for detecting DNA-virusExpand
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Conventional, integrated and organic winter wheat production in The Netherlands in the period 1993–1997
Abstract In order to assess possible changes in occurrences of pests and diseases in winter wheat as a result of differences in farm management, a monitoring study was carried out between 1993 andExpand
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Relationship Between Sex and Developmental Time in the Onion Fly Hylemya Antiqua (Meigen)
A clear relationship was observed between sex and developmental time in two normal strains of the onion fly Hylemya antiqua (Meigen). The difference between the two sexes manifests itself during theExpand
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