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Influence of feeding different types of roughage on the oxidative stability of milk
The variation in susceptibility to light-induced lipid and protein oxidation was studied in relation to the concentration of riboflavin, fatty acid composition, α-, γ-, and δ-tocopherol andExpand
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Rapid descriptive sensory methods – Comparison of Free Multiple Sorting, Partial Napping, Napping, Flash Profiling and conventional profiling
Two new rapid descriptive sensory evaluation methods are introduced to the field of food sensory evaluation. Expand
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Comparison of three sensory profiling methods based on consumer perception: CATA, CATA with intensity and Napping®
Abstract The present study compares three profiling methods based on consumer perceptions in their ability to discriminate and describe eight beers. Consumers (n = 135) evaluated eight differentExpand
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Physicochemical and sensory characterization of Cheddar cheese with variable NaCl levels and equal moisture content.
The present study investigated the effect of salt (NaCl) on the flavor and texture of Cheddar cheese with the particular aim to elucidate consequences of, and strategies for, reducing the saltExpand
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Situational appropriateness of beer is influenced by product familiarity
Explicit account of contextual variables can enhance the ability to understand and predict consumers’ foodrelated behavior. One aspect that has hitherto received little attention is whether contextExpand
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Aroma Volatiles Generated during Extrusion Cooking of Maize Flour
Volatile components in maize flour, extruded under different conditions obtained by varying product temperature (120, 150, or 180 °C), moisture level (14, 18, or 22%), and residence time (35 or 60Expand
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Impact of product information and repeated exposure on consumer liking, sensory perception and concept associations of local apple juice
Abstract The impact of product information and repeated exposure of local apple juice on consumer liking, sensory perception and concept associations was studied. Findings showed that consumers hadExpand
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Sensory panel consistency during development of a vocabulary for warmed-over flavour
Abstract A sensory vocabulary of 20 terms each with a corresponding reference material was developed over 7 sessions using pork patties derived from the meat of carriers and non-carriers of the RN −Expand
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Characterization of the Volatile Composition and Variations Between Infant Formulas and Mother’s Milk
It has been suggested that mother’s milk has a more diverse flavor composition than infant formula milk as it reflects the maternal diet. This study aimed to identify volatile compounds in mother’sExpand
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Pork patties from Musculus semimembranosus, were utilized by a sensory panel to develop a descriptive vocabulary for the sensory profiling of warmed-over flavor. Patties were derived from the meat ofExpand
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