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The Reflection of X-rays by Crystals
In a discussion of the Laue photographs it has been shown that they may conveniently be interpreted as due to the reflection of X-rays in such planes within the crystal as are rich in atoms. ThisExpand
The Reflection of X-Rays by Crystals
  • W. Bragg
  • Materials Science
  • Nature
  • 1 June 1913
IT is interesting to find that an X-ray bulb having a rhodium antikathode gives off a strong, sharply defined (and therefore very homogeneous) beam which is reflected from the (100) face of rock-saltExpand
The Structure of Magnetite and the Spinels
  • W. Bragg
  • Materials Science
  • Nature
  • 1 July 1915
THE structure of the spinel group of crystals is very interesting. These crystals are cubic, and possess the greatest possible number of symmetries. The composition is given by the formula, R″R″′2O4,Expand
Bakerian Lecture: X-Rays and Crystal Structure
The method of investigating crystalline structure by the use of X-rays has already been explained in papers read before this Society. It will be convenient nevertheless to re-state its principle veryExpand
The Reflection of X-rays by Crystals. (II.)
This note is a supplement to a paper on the reflection of X-rays by crystals which has been recently communicated to the Royal Society. It is there shown that the wave-length of a homogeneous beam ofExpand
The Structure of the Diamond
WE have applied the new methods of investigation involving the use of X-rays to the case of the diamond, and have arrived at a result which seems of considerable interest. The structure is extremelyExpand
An Introduction to Crystal Analysis
A NEW book from the pen of Sir William Bragg is always a noteworthy event. Before we open it we know that it is one which we have to read and one which it will be a joy to read. The latest is noExpand