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Reappraisal of drying and wetting effects on C and N mineralization and fluxes in soils.
In the next decades, many soils will be subjected to increased drying/wetting cycles or modified water availability considering predicted global changes in precipitation and evapotranspiration. TheseExpand
Oxidation of atmospheric methane in Northern European soils, comparison with other ecosystems, and uncertainties in the global terrestrial sink
This paper reports the range and statistical distribution of oxidation rates of atmospheric CH4 in soils found in Northern Europe in an international study, and compares them with published data forExpand
Hierarchical control on nitrous oxide emission in forest ecosystems
While much is known about process level control on N2O production by nitrification and denitrification, knowledge of the environmental controls responsible for site variation in annual N2O fluxes onExpand
Do freeze‐thaw events enhance C and N losses from soils of different ecosystems? A review
Freezing and thawing of soils may affect the turnover of soil organic matter and thus the losses of C and N from soils. Here we review the literature with special focus on: (i) the mechanismsExpand
Effects of experimental drought on soil respiration and radiocarbon efflux from a temperate forest soil
Soil moisture affects microbial decay of SOM and rhizosphere respiration (RR) in temperate forest soils, but isolating the response of soil respiration (SR) to summer drought and subsequent wettingExpand
General CH 4 oxidation model and comparisons of CH 4 Oxidation in natural and managed systems
Fluxes of methane from field observations of native and cropped grassland soils in Colorado and Nebraska were used to model CH 4 oxidation as a function of soil water content, temperature, porosity,Expand
Vertical partitioning of CO2 production within a temperate forest soil
The major driving factors of soil CO2 production - substrate supply, temperature, and water content - vary vertically within the soil profile, with the greatest temporal variations of these factorsExpand
Drying and Wetting Effects on Carbon Dioxide Release from Organic Horizons
Drying and wetting cycles of O horizon in forest soils have not received much attention, partly due to methodological limitations for nondestructive monitoring of the O horizon water content. TheExpand
Different Atmospheric Methane-Oxidizing Communities in European Beech and Norway Spruce Soils
It is indicated that the methanotrophic diversity and abundance in spruce soils are lower than those of beech soils, suggesting that tree species-related factors might influence the in situ activity of methnotrophs. Expand