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Über die Gelfand-Kirillov-Dimension
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Über Schichten halbeinfacher Lie-Algebren
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Über Bahnen und deren Deformationen bei linearen Aktionen reduktiver Gruppen
SummaryLet a reductive groupG act linearly on a vectorspaceV, and letO∋V be an orbit. For each irreducible representation ω ofG, the multiplicity with which ω occurs in the ring of regular functionsExpand
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Differential operators on homogeneous spaces. I
SummaryIn this paper, we extend recent work of one of us [Br] to investigate an old problem of the other one [B2]. Given a connected semisimple complex Lie-groupG with Lie-algebrag, we study theExpand
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Primideale in Einhüllenden auflösbarer Lie-Algebren
A printer head is mounted on a carriage which is driven to travel in the row direction at a predetermined constant speed. Expand
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Partial resolutions of nilpotent varieties
© Société mathématique de France, 1983, tous droits réservés. L’accès aux archives de la collection « Astérisque » (http://smf4.emath.fr/ Publications/Asterisque/) implique l’accord avec lesExpand
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Differential operators on homogeneous spaces. III
SummaryLetG be a semi-simple complex algebraic group with Lie algebra ϱ and flag varietyX=G/B. For each primitive idealJ with trivial central character in the enveloping algebraU(ϱ) we define aExpand
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Befreundete Zahlen mit gegebener Primteileranzahl
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On Thabit ibn Kurrah’s formula for amicable numbers
This note describes some methods for deriving explicit formulas for amicable numbers which are similar to Thabit's famous rule. The search for new amnicable pairs by suchrules consists merely inExpand
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Über primitive Ideale in der Einhüllenden einer halbeinfachen Lie-Algebra
SummaryLet g be a complex semi-simple Lie-algebra of finite dimension,U(g) its enveloping algebra with centerZ(g), and the space of primitive ideals ofU(g). ThenJ→JνZ(g) is a projection (with finiteExpand
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