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Gravitational Radiation
IN recent years there has been a good deal of controversy about gravitational radiation. Historically, the position is as follows. It was shown quite soon after the publication of the general theoryExpand
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Jeans' Formula for Gravitational Instability
  • W. Bonnor
  • Computer Science, Physics
  • 1 February 1957
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The rigidly rotating relativistic dust cylinder
The solution of van Stockum (1937) consists of a rotating dust interior, and three exterior metrics referring to different ranges of the mass per unit length. It has been stated in the literatureExpand
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Spherically symmetric radiation of charge in Einstein-Maxwell theory
We give solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations describing the emission of charged null fluid from a spherically symmetric body. The electromagnetic field is parallel to the direction of energyExpand
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The photon rocket
There is an exact solution of Einstein's equations corresponding to a particle emitting null fluid anisotropically, and accelerating because of the recoil. I examine this solution and find no sign ofExpand
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Physical interpretation of vacuum solutions of Einstein's equations. Part I. Time-independent solutions
This article is a review of interpretations which have been given to some well known solutions of the vacuum equations. Special attention is paid to those of Schwarzschild, Curzon and Kerr, and it isExpand
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The gravitational field of light
I obtain an exact solution of Einstein's equations representing the gravitational field of a steady beam of light. Another exact solution representing two parallel beams shining in the same sense isExpand
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The Equilibrium of a Charged Sphere
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Spherical gravitational waves
  • W. Bonnor
  • Physics
  • Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society…
  • 1959
The field of gravitational radiation emitted from two moving particles is investigated by means of general relativity. A method of approximation is used, and in the linear approximation retardedExpand
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A new interpretation of the NUT metric in general relativity
The NUT metric is interpreted as the field of ( a ) a mass around the origin of coordinates, and ( b ) a semi-infinite massless source of angular momentum.
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