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The effects of board size and diversity on strategic change
This study examines an important potential conflict between the institutional, governance, and strategic functions of boards. We specifically test how higher levels of board size and diversity,Expand
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Strategic Change: The Influence Of Managerial Characteristics And Organizational Growth
This study examined how chief executive and top management team characteristics interact with organizational performance to influence strategic change. Results indicate that poor performance, long ...
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Power and Managerial Dismissal: Scapegoating at the Top.
Warren Boeker Columbia University A study of 67 organizations over a 22-year period is used to examine the likelihood of chief executive and top management dismissal as a result of organizationalExpand
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Strategic Change: The Effects Of Founding And History
The research reported here examined the evolution of strategy over time and the conditions under which change in strategy is likely. Findings show that characteristics of an organization's foundingExpand
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Executive Migration and Strategic Change: The Effect of Top Manager Movement on Product-Market Entry
This research was supported by grants from Columbia Business School's Management Institute. I thank Eric Abrahamson, Min-Jer Chen, Donald Hambrick, and Michael Tushman for ideas and thoughtfulExpand
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Old technology meets new technology: complementarities, similarities, and alliance formation
Alliance formation is commonplace in many high-technology industries experiencing radical technological change, where established firms use alliances with new entrants to adapt to technologicalExpand
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Turbulence at the top: a new perspective on governance structure changes and strategic change.
Organizational theorists have traditionally focused attention on the relationship between chief executive officer (CEO) succession and strategic change. This study extends that perspective andExpand
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Organizational Origins: Entrepreneurial and Environmental Imprinting of the Time of Founding
Explores the effects of the events surrounding the founding of a firm on its subsequent strategic choices and long-term development. Theorists write about how the beliefs and attitudes of theExpand
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This study examined influences on whether chief executive successors are chosen from inside or outside an organization. We examined the choice of a successor as a function of organizationalExpand
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Organizational performance and adaptation: effects of environment and performance on changes in board composition.
This study examined performance as a moderator of organizational adaptation to environmental change. Change in the composition of boards of directors was examined as a dependent variable reflectingExpand
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