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Sorption Properties of Natural Sulfides with Respect to Technetium
Technetium sorption properties of Fe 2+ -bearing minerals and different metal sulfides were studied by batch and column experiments. Pure stibnite (SbS 3 ), pyrrhotite (FeS), pyrite (FeS 2 ), galenaExpand
Seismic Structure and Stratigraphy of Northern Edge of Bahaman-Cuban Collision Zone
Common-depth-point (CDP) seismic reflection data in the southwestern Bahamas reveal the northern edge of the tectonized zone that resulted from the late Mesozoic-early Cenozoic collision of Cuba andExpand
Geology and mineralogy of the Cu−Ni−Co−U ore deposits at Talmessi and Meeskani, central Iran
Polymetallic hydrothermal veins and impregnations carry copper-iron sulphides (bornite, chalcopyrite, digenite, chalcocite) and nickel-cobalt arsenides (niccolite, rammelsbergite, safflorite,Expand
Mobility of Technetium in Various Rocks and Defined Combinations of Natural Minerals
In order to better understand the migration behaviour of technetium in natural rock-water systems, various soft rocks and defined combinations of minerals in contact with Tc-spiked model water haveExpand
Rifting and subsidence on passive continental margins in the North East Atlantic
Deep-sea drilling in the Bay of Biscay and the Rockall Plateau show that passive continental margins are characterised by the absence of seismicity and include continental shelf, continental slopeExpand
Chronology and Biostratigraphy of Northeast Atlantic Sediments, DSDP Leg 48
In this chapter the principal results of each of the stratigraphic investigations on DSDP Leg 48 material are brought together, and an attempt is made to produce a general correlation among theExpand
Hyalinea baltica and the Plio-Pleistocene Boundary in the Caribbean Sea
  • W. Bock
  • Geology, Medicine
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  • 20 November 1970
The foraminifer Hyalinea baltica is found for the first time in sediments from the western Caribbean Sea. Its relationship to the Plio-Pleistocene boundary and to other criteria used to define thisExpand
Thalassia Testudinum, A Habitat and Means of Dispersal for Shallow Water Benthonic Foraminifera
A fauna of organisms as minute as the Foraminifera, which otherwise might be restricted to microenvironments, can become cosmopolitan when carried to different areas where they can survive and reproduce if the environmental conditions are favorable. Expand
Geological setting and principal results of drilling on the margins of the Bay of Biscay and Rockall Plateau during Leg 48
During Leg 48 of the IPOD phase of the Deep Sea Drilling Project, seven holes were drilled on the margins of the Bay of Biscay and Rockall Plateau to compare the evolution of passive margins ofExpand