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The School of Rome: Latin Studies and the Origins of Liberal Education
Acknowledgments Introduction: Three Vignettes 1. In Search of the Roman School 2. First Stories of School 3. The School of Impudence 4. The Manual and the Child 5. The Child an Open Book 6. GrammarExpand
Latinity and literary society at Rome
For centuries after the fall of the Roman empire, the ability to write and speak pure Latin was the mark of the true scholar. But although such skill was esteemed in medieval times, the language ofExpand
Schooling in Persona: Imagination and Subordination in Roman Education
This article explores the relationship between Roman school texts and the socialization of the student into an elite man. I argue that composition and declamation communicated social values; in fact,Expand
The Technology of Child Production: Eugenics and Eulogics in the de Liberis Educandis
The de Liberis Educandis, emanating from the circle of Plutarch, provides directives for fathers in the education of sons. The argument for the intervention of fathers is expressed and even conceivedExpand
A companion to ancient education
Quintilian on the Child as a Learning Subject
Quintilian communicates definite ideas about the educability of children. From the perspectives of the history of education and childhood, his innovation is a theory of the child as a learningExpand
The contest of language : before and beyond nationalism
These essays, written by eminent scholars from diverse disciplines and perspectives, consider various present-day and historical efforts to make a language dominant through textual, institutional,Expand