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On the optimum quantity of money
It is pretty well established within Austrian economics that the optimum quantity of money is whatever level is established at any given time. The logical implication of this claim is that any amountExpand
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Cyberslacking, Business Ethics and Managerial Economics
Often, new technology brings in its train unprecedented problems. As far as computers, e-mail and the internet are concerned, this certainly holds true in many arenas. But there is one aspect of thisExpand
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Yes, we have no chaff: A reply to Wagner’s “Austrian cycle theory: Saving the wheat while discarding the chaff”
Richard Wagner (2000) is an attack on the Austrian business cycle (ABC) theory. Although I shall be defending the latter against the former, I welcome Wagner’s contribution to the debate on theExpand
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Transfers in Kind: Why They Can Be Efficient and Nonpaternalistic – Comment
Bruce and Waldman make an important contribution regarding the Samaritan dilemma: the expectations of inheritance motivates the younger generation at the margin in the direction of welfare reducingExpand
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Entropy in the Canadian Economics Profession: Sampling Consensus on the Major Issues
It is widely assumed that economists differ with each other on virtually every issue of relevance to their profession. Indeed, this supposed phenomenon is at the core of numerous jokes at theirExpand
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Promotion, turnover and preemptive wage offers
Purpose – The reason for writing the paper is to cast doubt on the claim that the informational asymmetries uncovered by Bernhardt and Scoones constitute a market failure. Design/methodology/approachExpand
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Hayek’s Road to Serfdom
The work of Hayek, in contrast with the Marxist-Socialist-Interventionist-Galbraithian paradigm that held sway in the mid-20th century, appears as a beacon for free enterprise amidst a sea ofExpand
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Public Goods and Externalities: The Case of Roads
When government monopolization of the roadways is discussed by economists, the "externalities" argument is usually raised. The argument is said to be simple, clear, and irrefutable. In fact, none ofExpand
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War on Black Men: Arguments for the Legalization of Drugs
Abstract The leadership of the black community is concerned with welfare, with equality, with unemployment, with discrimination, with racism, with the pay gap, and with dozens of other suchExpand
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