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Infection of the Bovine Female Genital Tract with Chlamydia psittaci as a Possible Cause of Infertility
Contents: Chlamydia psittaci was isolated in embryonated chicken eggs via the yolk sac route from ten (16,7%) vaginal andlor endometrial mucosal scrapings of 60 slaughter cows. Simultaneous fecalExpand
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Isolation of Chlamydia psittaci from a chicken egg: evidence of egg transmission.
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[Salmonella in animal feed].
  • W. Bisping
  • Biology, Medicine
  • DTW. Deutsche tierarztliche Wochenschrift
  • 1 July 1993
A review on the occurrence of salmonella in feed of animal origin is presented. As a main result, the predominating serovars in recent epidemic situation, S. typhimurium and S. enteritidis, areExpand
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[Etiology and pathogenesis of endocardiosis and endocarditis in dogs. V. Synopsis of results].
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[The present clinical and pathological picture of chronic erysipelas infection in pigs].
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Untersuchungen zum Vorkommen von Chlamydia psittaci im Genitaltrakt und Kot weiblicher Schlachtrinder
Summary Investigations into the incidence of Chlamydia psittaci in the genital tract and feces of female cattle By inoculation of BGM-cells and the yolk sac of embryonating chicken eggsExpand
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Endometritis in cattle experimentally induced by Chlamydia psittaci.
On the day of estrus, eight virgin heifers received intrauterine inoculations of yolk sac propagated Chlamydia psittaci strain BovEnd 11/88 isolated from the uterus of a slaughter cow. All heifersExpand
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