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A functional central limit theorem for regression models
Let a linear regression model be given with an experimental region $[a,b] \subseteq\R$ and regression functions $f_1,\dots, f_{d+1}: [a,b]\to \R$. In practice it is an important question whether aExpand
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Presently, within the lizard populations included in the Lacerta laevis-kulzeri complex, two main groups appear to be well distinguished in terms of morphology, distribution and ecology: LacertaExpand
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On D-optimal designs for linear models under correlated observations with an application to a linear model with multiple response
Abstract In the general linear model we set conditions under which an exact D-optimal design for uncorrelated observations with common variance is also D-optimal for correlated observations. FurtherExpand
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Secondary succession and dipterocarp recruitment in Bornean rain forest after logging
To understand succession in dipterocarp rain forest after logging, the structure, species composition and dynamics of primary (PF) and secondary (SF) forest at Danum were compared. In 10 replicateExpand
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Adaptive two-stage test procedures to find the best treatment in clinical trials
A main objective in clinical trials is to find the best treatment in a given finite class of competing treatments and then to show superiority of this treatment against a control treatment. TheExpand
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On exact D-optimal designs for regression models with correlated observations
Let τ* be an exact D-optimal design for a given regression model Yτ = Xτβ + Zτ. In this paper sufficient conditions are given for sesigning how the covariance matrix of Zτ may be changed so that notExpand
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Asymptotically Optimal Tests and Optimal Designs for Testing the Mean in Regression Models with Applications to Change-Point Problems
Let a linear regression model be given with an experimental region [a, b] → R and regression functions f1, ..., fd+1 : [a, b] → R. In practice it is an important question whether a certain regressionExpand
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BIAEditor: matching process and operational data for a business impact analysis
A profound analysis of all relevant business data in the company is necessary for optimizing business processes effectively. Expand
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On maximin designs for correlated observations
In the linear model, we consider the problem of finding optimal or efficient designs with respect to the D-criterion when the covariance matrix is an unknown element of a class . In general, designsExpand
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