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Oleophobic monolayers: I. Films adsorbed from solution in non-polar liquids☆
It was found that certain types of polar organic molecules are adsorbed from solutions in non-polar solvents to form well-oriented monolayers on polished solid surfaces. Such monolayers imparted bothExpand
Silica in Shoots of Higher Plants
In the shoots of vascular plants, silica is deposited as amorphous silica gel, SiO2 · nH2O. It occurs in many plant families including the scouring rushes or horsetails (Equisetaceae), grassesExpand
Silica seems to serve an array of functions in plants, including: (1) strengthening of the cell wall and the provision of an alternative means of support for aerial portions of the shoot, other than that involving strictly lignin deposition; (2) protection against pathogens and predators; (3) prevention of excessive water loss through the epidermis; (4) normal development of many. Expand
A new MEMS‐based system for ultra‐high‐resolution imaging at elevated temperatures
The laboratory is developing an advanced capability for in situ heating experiments that overcomes a number of performance problems with standard heating stage technologies and has direct applicability for remote operation and for gas reaction experiments using a specially designed environmental cell. Expand
Novel MEMS-Based Gas-Cell/Heating Specimen Holder Provides Advanced Imaging Capabilities for In Situ Reaction Studies
A new specimen holder is described that incorporates the Aduro heating device into a “closed-cell” configuration, designed to function within the narrow (2 mm) objective lens pole piece gap of an aberration-corrected JEOL 2200FS STEM/TEM, and capable of exposing specimens to gases at pressures up to 1 atm. Expand
On the morphology of aromatic polyamide fibers (Kevlar, Kevlar-49, and PRD-49)
Abstract Three types of aromatic polyamide fibers (Kevlar, Kevlar-49, and PRD-49) were studied by transmission electron microscopy, secondary electron imaging, and electron diffraction techniques.Expand
Silica in Developing Epidermal Cells of Avena Internodes: Electron Microprobe Analysis
No silica was detectable in cork cells of cork-silica cell pairs, which indicates that silica must be accumulated in these specialized epidermal cells quite rapidly. Expand
Atmospheric pressure scanning transmission electron microscopy.
Scanning transmission electron microscope images of gold nanoparticles at atmospheric pressure have been recorded through a 0.36 mm thick mixture of CO, O2, and He using a reaction cell consisting of two electron-transparent silicon nitride membranes. Expand
A Novel Heating Technology for Ultra-High Resolution Imaging in Electron Microscopes
Capabilities for in-situ studies of materials at elevated temperatures and under gaseous environments have received increasing attention in recent years [1]. With the advent of electron microscopesExpand
Effect of interfacial variables on metal-porcelain bonding.
Several variables affecting the bonding between dental porcelain and a palladium alloy were investigated and coarse roughening produced the highest bond strength improvements. Expand