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Historical Overfishing and the Recent Collapse of Coastal Ecosystems
Ecological extinction caused by overfishing precedes all other pervasive human disturbance to coastal ecosystems, including pollution, degradation of water quality, and anthropogenic climate change.Expand
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Ocean productivity and paleoproductivity - an overview
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Planktonic Foraminifera: Selective solution and the lysocline
Abstract Pacific Ocean waters appear to be undersaturated with calcium carbonate at all depths except in the uppermost few hundred meters. This leads to continuous destruction of almost allExpand
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Diversity of Planktonic Foraminifera in Deep-Sea Sediments
The diversity of a planktonic foraminiferal assemblage on the ocean floor depends on the state of preservation of that assemblage. As dissolution progresses, species diversity (number of species inExpand
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Isotope paleontology: growth and composition of extant calcareous species
Abstract Isotope paleontology uses the isotopic composition of fossil remains of organisms to make inferences about the physical surroundings of growth of the organisms (especially temperature), andExpand
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Paleoproductivity from benthic foraminifera abundance: Glacial to postglacial change in the west-equatorial Pacific
Surface productivity is correlated with the rate of accumulation of benthic foraminifera on the deep-sea floor. As a rule of thumb, for each 1 mg of organic carbon arriving at the sea floor, oneExpand
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Expeditions into the Past: Paleoceanographic Studies in the South Atlantic
The South Atlantic is tightly coupled to the North Atlantic climate amplifying system. At present, enormous amounts of heat are delivered across the equator to the north, with surface and subsurfaceExpand
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A 5000-yr record of climate change in varved sediments from the oxygen minimum zone off Pakistan
The upper Holocene marine section from a kasten core taken from the oxygen minimum zone off Karachi (Pakistan) at water depth 700 m contains continuously laminated sediments with a sedimentation rateExpand
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Planktonic Foraminifera: selective solution and paleoclimatic interpretation
Abstract Any sediment assemblage of planktonic Foraminifera contains at least three kinds of information: (1) the amount of solution it has experienced, (2) its geographic origin, (3) the range ofExpand
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The South Atlantic: Present and Past Circulation
Central Themes of South Atlantic Circulation.- On the Circulation of the South Atlantic Ocean.- Transient-Tracer Information on Ventilation and Transport of South Atlantic Waters.- The CirculationExpand
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