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Toward a Theory of Press-State Relations in the United States
Reflexions sur les relations entre l'Etat et la presse ou la presse d'Etat aux Etats-Unis, a partir de l'exemple du « New York Times » sur la politique au Nicaragua
From the Arab Spring and los indignados in Spain, to Occupy Wall Street (and beyond), large-scale, sustained protests are using digital media in ways that go beyond sending and receiving messages.
News, the politics of illusion
(Each chapter ends with a Notes section.) 1. An Introduction to the News About People, Society, and Politics. Why Blaming Journalists Misses the Point. Inside the American News System. The Puzzling
Changing Citizenship in the Digital Age
Democracy is not a sure thing. Governments and party systems often strain against changes in societies, and some fall prey to corruption and bad policies. Under the right conditions, people may
A New Era of Minimal Effects? The Changing Foundations of Political Communication
The great thinkers who influenced the contemporary field of political communication were preoccupied with understanding the political, social, psychological, and economic transformations in modern
The Personalization of Politics
This article proposes a framework for understanding large-scale individualized collective action that is often coordinated through digital media technologies. Social fragmentation and the decline of
Communicating Global Activism
Many observers doubt the capacity of digital media to change the political game. The rise of a transnational activism that is aimed beyond states and directly at corporations, trade and development
Social Media and the Organization of Collective Action: Using Twitter to Explore the Ecologies of Two Climate Change Protests
The Twitter Revolutions of 2009 reinvigorated the question of whether new social media have any real effect on contentious politics. In this article, the authors argue that evaluating the relation
Communicating Civic Engagement: Contrasting Models of Citizenship in the Youth Web Sphere
Communication aimed at promoting civic engagement may become problematic when citizenrolesundergohistoricchanges.Inthecurrentera,youngergenerationsareembracing more expressive styles of actualizing