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Quasiclassical Green’s function approach to mesoscopic superconductivity
Recent experiments on mesoscopic normal metal/superconductor heterostructures resolve properties on length scales and at low temperatures such that the temperature is below the Thouless energy k(B)T
Full counting statistics of super-Poissonian shot noise in multilevel quantum dots
We examine the full counting statistics of quantum dots, which display super-Poissonian shot noise. By an extension to a generic situation with many excited states we identify the underlying
Density of states and supercurrent in diffusive SNS junctions: Roles of nonideal interfaces and spin-flip scattering
We present a theoretical study of the density of states and supercurrent in diffusive superconductor-normal metal-superconductor (SNS) junctions. In particular, we study the influence on these two
Spin transport in diffusive superconductors
Motivated by the desire for better understanding of nanoelectronic systems, we theoretically study the conductance and noise characteristics of current flow between superconductors, ferromagnets, and
Benzenedithiol: a broad-range single-channel molecular conductor.
The observations show unambiguously that the conductance of BDT is carried by a single transport channel provided by the same molecular level, which is coupled to the metallic electrodes, through the whole conductance range.
Kondo effect and Josephson current through a quantum dot between two superconductors
We investigate the supercurrent through a quantum dot for the whole range of couplings using the numerical renormalization group method. We find that the Josephson current switches abruptly from a
Spin Pumping and Shot Noise in Ferrimagnets: Bridging Ferro- and Antiferromagnets.
A theoretical study of spin transport across a ferrimagnet-nonmagnetic conductor interface, when a magnetic eigenmode is driven into a coherent state, and finds that the concomitant shot noise provides a useful tool for probing the quasiparticle spin and interfacial coupling.
Nanospintronics with carbon nanotubes
One of the actual challenges of spintronics is the realization of a spin transistor allowing control of spin transport through an electrostatic gate. In this paper, we report on different experiments
Nonclassical time correlation functions in continuous quantum measurement
A continuous projective measurement of a quantum system often leads to a suppression of the dynamics, known as the Zeno effect. Alternatively, generalized nonprojective, so-called 'weak' measurements
Proximity-effect-assisted decay of spin currents in superconductors
The injection of pure spin current into superconductors by the dynamics of ferromagnetic contact is studied theoretically. Taking into account the suppression of the order parameter at the interfaces