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Optimisation of the scintillation light collection and uniformity for the SoLid experiment
This paper presents a comprehensive optimisation study to maximise the light collection efficiency of scintillating cube elements used in the SoLid detector. Very short baseline reactor experiments,Expand
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Tests of CMS MSGC modules at PSI
The CMS experiment, to be installed at the future p p collider LHC at CERN, foresees the use of Micro-Strip Gas Counters (MSGC’s) for the outer layers of its central tracker. Present developmentsExpand
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Studies of an MSGC equipped with a GEM grid as a tracking device
Abstract The performance of a Micro Strip Gas Counter (MSGC) equipped with a Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) has been studied in a cosmic hodoscope. Using Ne/DME gas mixtures, measurements have beenExpand
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Measuring photons and neutrons at zero degrees in CMS
The CMS Zero Degree Calorimeters, ZDCs, will measure photons and neutrons emitted with |η| ≥ 8.6 from Pb+Pb, p+Pb and p+p collisions at , 8.8 and 14 TeV respectively. The calorimeter consists of anExpand
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on CMS information server CMS NOTE 1998 / 014 The Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment
Results are presented from the exposure of a CMS performance prototype MSGC to a fast neutron beam having an average energy of 20 MeV and an intensity of 7 10 neutrons/mm/s. A fluence equivalent to 3Expand
Operation of microstrip gas counters with DME-based gas mixtures
Abstract This paper reports on the operation of MicroStrip Gas Counters (MSGC) with several dimethylether (DME)-based gas mixtures. We present measurements of signal amplitude, detection efficiencyExpand
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Test of a CMS MSGC tracker prototype in a high-intensity hadron beam
Abstract A set of CMS MicroStrip Gas Chambers (MSGC) was exposed to a high-intensity 3 GeV /c pion beam at a CERN PS facility for a period of two weeks. The performance of the detectors is reportedExpand
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Reception Test of Petals for the End Cap, TEC+ of the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker
The silicon strip tracker of the CMS experiment has been completed and was inserted into the CMS detector in late 2007. The largest sub system of the tracker are its end caps, comprising two largeExpand
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The subsystems of the CMS silicon strip tracker were integrated and commissioned at the Tracker Integration Facility (TIF) in the period from November 2006 to July 2007. As part of the commissioning,Expand