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Genetic programming - An Introduction: On the Automatic Evolution of Computer Programs and Its Applications
1 Genetic Programming as Machine Learning 2 Genetic Programming and Biology 3 Computer Science and Mathematical Basics 4 Genetic Programming as Evolutionary Computation 5 Basic ConceptsThe FoundationExpand
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A comparison of linear genetic programming and neural networks in medical data mining
We introduce a new form of linear genetic programming (GP). Two methods of acceleration of our GP approach are discussed: 1) an efficient algorithm that eliminates intron code and 2) a demeticExpand
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The use of computational intelligence in intrusion detection systems: A review
Intrusion detection based upon computational intelligence is currently attracting considerable interest from the research community. Characteristics of computational intelligence (CI) systems, suchExpand
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1 Linear Genetic Programming
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Artificial ChemistriesA Review
This article reviews the growing body of scientific work in artificial chemistry. First, common motivations and fundamental concepts are introduced. Second, current research activities are discussedExpand
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Genotype-Phenotype-Mapping and Neutral Variation - A Case Study in Genetic Programming
We propose the application of a genotype-phenotype mapping to the solution of constrained optimization problems. The method consists of strictly separating the search space of genotypes from theExpand
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A SIMD Interpreter for Genetic Programming on GPU Graphics Cards
Mackey-Glass chaotic time series prediction and nuclear protein classification show the feasibility of evaluating genetic programming populations directly on parallel consumer gaming graphicsExpand
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Artificial Regulatory Networks and Genetic Programming
An artificial regulatory network able to reproduce a number of phenomena found in natural genetic regulatory networks (such as heterochrony, evolution, stability and variety of network behavior) isExpand
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Complexity Compression and Evolution
')(+*$(-, .0/ ,214365 798;:=<2> ?A@B:=CED F C G HI?BCAJ%K;8ML N F2OAP-Q > ?A> : OAPSR 8-T6HI?BJ F CB:=U VW> P ?B@BCAK P;X TYD K;? Z-[-@BCA> J F 8 F\X [-@B> G9]-^2^+_I_;` G)HI?BCBJ%Ka8ML 8;H2? L-:=8MbExpand
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