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Dense gas in luminous infrared galaxies
Aims. Molecules that trace the high-density regions of the interstellar medium have been observed in (ultra-) luminous (far-) infrared galaxies, in order to initiate multiple-molecule
Radio properties of FIR-megamaser nuclei
Aims. Radio data on the nuclear emissions have been used to characterize the dominant nuclear activity in a sample of FIR (ultra-) luminous galaxies and the subgroup of known OH Megamasers. This
Mechanical feedback in the molecular ISM of luminous IR galaxies
Aims. Molecular emission lines originating in the nuclei of luminous infra-red galaxies are used to determine the physical properties of the nuclear ISM in these systems. Methods. A large
Infall motions in massive star-forming regions: results from years 1 and 2 of the MALT90 survey
Massive star-forming regions with observed infall motions are good sites for studying the birth of massive stars. In this paper, 405 compact sources have been extracted from the APEX Telescope Large
Investigation of the obscuring circumnuclear torus in the active galaxy Mrk231
Observations of powerful hydroxyl (OH) line emissions that trace this obscuring material within the circumnuclear environment of the galaxy Markarian 231 confirm the main tenets of unification models.
RFI mitigation methods in radio astronomy
Various methods of radio frequency interference (RFI) mitigation methods at radio astronomy tele- scopes are being considered. Special attention is given to real-time processing algorithms. Computer
Detection of widespread strong methanol masers at 44 GHz
The Haystack Observatory 37-m antenna was used to search for emission from the 44 GHz 7(0)-6(1)A(+) transition of interstellar methanol toward 50 galactic star-forming regions. The line was detected
IRAS 14070+0525: an OH Gigamaser at Z = 0.265
OH gigamaser emission has been detected in the luminous FIR galaxy IRAS 14070+0525 at a redshiht of 0.265. The FIR luminosity of IRAS 14070+0525 is 10 12.5 L ⊙ . The OH line luminosity is 1.4 x 10 4