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The Enigma of the Oceanic Feeling: Revisioning the Psychoanalytic Theory of Mysticism
This study examines the history of the psychoanalytic theory of mysticism, starting with the seminal correspondence between Freud and Romain Rolland concerning the concept of 'oceanic feeling'.Expand
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Religion and Psychology Mapping the Terrain : Contemporary Dialogues, Future Prospects
Religion and Psychology is a thorough and incisive survey of the current relationship between religion and psychology from the leading scholars in the field. This is an essential resource forExpand
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In Search of Humanity: Essays in Honor of Clifford Orwin
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Flesh and Blood: Interrogating Freud on Human Sacrifice, Real and Imagined: by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Leiden, Brill, 2019, vi + 96 pp., $60.00 (paperback), ISBN 13 978-9004424791; ISBN 10 9004424792
It has been over eighty years since the death of Freud, a span of time in which critiques have been leveled at him from every imaginable methodological perspective, not to mention the numerous rebu...
Big Dreams, Religion, and the Transformational
This essay offers reflections on the data set, method, and evaluation of the intersection between religion and dreams found in Kelly Bulkeley’s Big Dreams. The reflections are organized around fourExpand
HE HEALTH of liberal democracy depends on the general use of reason. Reason must not be the cognitive tool of the few: if the integT rity of science and reason are undermined among the majority, thenExpand
Psychology and Religion: The Purist's Map
We would like to thank Peter Connolly (Religion, 31 [2001], pp. 307–9) for reviewing our book Religion and Psychology: Mapping the Terrain (London, Routledge, 2001) and for raising importantExpand