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Children from unwanted pregnancies in Prague, Czech Republic revisited at age thirty
The results of the fourth wave of the Prague Study of subjects born of unwanted pregnancies (UP) are reported. Of these young adults, 190 were examined at age 30 together with pair‐matched controlExpand
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A Summary of Physiological Processes or Disorders in Fruits, Vegetables and Ornamental Products that are Delayed or Decreased, Increased, or Unaffected by Application of 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP)
This summary is based on publications from refereed journals and conference proceedings, but not abstracts. The table will be updated periodically. Please report any errors or missing citations to:
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Biological information systems: Evolution as cognition-based information management.
  • W. B. Miller
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Progress in biophysics and molecular biology
  • 1 November 2017
An alternative biological synthesis is presented that conceptualizes evolutionary biology as an epiphenomenon of integrated self-referential information management. Since all biological informationExpand
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GA4+7 plus BA enhances postproduction quality in pot tulips
Abstract Previously we reported that postproduction quality of pot ‘Seadov’ tulip ( Tulipa gesneriana ) was significantly increased by GA 4+7 plus BA in a manner dependent on the concentration andExpand
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Adaptation of coyote brush to the abiotic environment and its effects on susceptibility to a gall-making midge
Many plant traits that affect susceptibility to insect attack may have other functions important to the plant. If so, susceptibility could evolve as a correlated response to selection imposed throughExpand
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A psychiatric emergency service and some treatment concepts.
The author describes the operations of a psychiatric emergency service in a university hospital during a six-month period. He discusses the importance of the social environment in both theExpand
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Senomic view of the cell: Senome versus Genome
ABSTRACT In the legacy of Thomas Henry Huxley, and his ‘epigenetic’ philosophy of biology, cells are proposed to represent a trinity of three memory-storing media: Senome, Epigenome, and Genome thatExpand
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The N-Space Episenome Unifies Cellular Information Space-Time within Cognition-Based Evolution.
Self-referential cellular homeostasis is maintained by the measured assessment of both internal status and external conditions based within an integrated cellular information field. Expand
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