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Notes on Mexican Mammals
Geographic Variation in the Fishing Bat, Noctilio leporinus
Based on study of 388 specimens of Noctilio leporinus from throughout the range of the species, three geographic areas of differentiation can be recognized. One is the rim of the Caribbean BasinExpand
The Mammals of Texas
Distribution of Pocket Gophers (Geomys Breviceps) in Relation to Soils
Why is the distribution of pocket gophers so discontinuous in regions where no apparent reason is discernible? This question occurred to the senior author when he first started a study of theExpand
Noteworthy Records of Mexican and Central American Bats
Twenty-seven species of bats which are rare in collections and/or which constitute noteworthy records of range extension are discussed. Two are new to Mexico: 8 to Chiapas, 3 to Veracruz, 4 toExpand
The Large Fruit Bats (Genus Artibeus) of Middle America, with a Review of the Artibeus jamaicensis Complex
Useful characters for identification of Middle American representatives of Artibeus inopinatus, Artibeus hirsutus, Artibeus jamaicensis, and Artibeus lituratus are discussed and a synoptic key to theExpand
The Recent Mammals of Idaho.