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New and interesting Portuguese Lepidoptera records from 2012 (Insecta: Lepidoptera)
26 species are added to the Portuguese Lepidoptera fauna and three species deleted, mainly as a result of fieldwork undertaken by the authors in 2012. In add...
A new species of the genus "Dahlica" Enderlein, 1912 from the Pyrenees of Aragon (Province of Huesca) in Spain (Lepidoptera: Psychidae, Dahlicini)
Se describe un nuevo psichido, Dahlica michaela Arnscheid, sp. n., de los Pirineos espanoles (Aragon, Huesca). Se dan las diferencias con otras especies rela...
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First record of Dahlica lichenella (Linnaeus, 1761) for Spain (Lepidoptera: Psychidae)
Resumen en: The psychid species Dahlica lichenella (LINNAEUS, 1761) is reported for the first time for Spain and the Iberian Peninsula from the environment of Benasq...
Taleporia henderickxi sp. n., a new psychid species of the subfamily Taleporiinae from Crete (Lepidoptera, Psychidae)
Taleporia henderickxi sp. n. is described from the south-western part of Crete (Greece) and com - pared with its likely close relatives Taleporia defoliella Constant, 1896 and Taleporia autumnellaExpand
Pseudobankesia keersmaekersi sp. n., a new species from Greece (Lepidoptera, Psychidae, Taleporiinae)
Pseudobankesia keersmaekersi sp. n. (Lepidoptera, Psychidae, Taleporiinae) is described from Greece and compared with its likely close relatives Pseudobankesia arahova Stengel, 1990 andExpand